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Reverse Emulsion Breaker 2366

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Reverse Emulsion Breaker 2366 is a formulation of cationic polyelectrolytes and inorganic salts used in theclarification of oil field and industrial waste waters.

Product Description: 

Reverse Emulsion Breaker 2366 RX is a formulation of cationic polyelectrolytes and inorganic salts used in theclarification of oil field and industrial waste waters.  The product may be used in conjunction with mechanical clarification methods such as gas flotation units and hydrocyclones.

Product Application: 

Industrial waste water treatment.

Product Procedure: 

Direction For Use :

  • Reverse Emulsion Breaker 2366 (Polyfloc)c should be injected at a point in the system where agitation (natural or mechanically induced) is sufficient to mix with the fluid to be treated.
  • Location of the injection point for maximum efficiency will have to be determined empirically, but normally longer mixing times give the best clarification results.
  • If Reverse Emulsion Breaker 2366 (Polyfloc) is used in secondary treatment of oilfield waters, it should be injected upstream of the
    treating vessel in the pump suction or in the first cell.
  • Use concentrations can vary from 1 to 100 ppm. Initial use concentration can best be determined by jar tests, while the final use concentration will be determined in the system.
  • When Polyfloc is used in combination with other water clarification chemicals, injection points it should be separated enough to allow complete mixing of one before the other is introduced. Jar tests will be required to determine which order of addition is most efficient.
  • Clarification may in some systems may be more effective if the pH of the system is adjusted to less than 7.0.
Product Note: 

Product Future :

  • Increases the settling rate of suspended solids.
  • Aids hydrocarbon recovery from water stream.
  • Aids in the coagulation of suspended particles prior to treatment in flotation cells or selling vessels.
  • May be used without the aid of other water clarification chemicals or in conjunction with other
  • chemicals for hard to treat water systems.
  • Cleans up environmentally unacceptable oily water.

Compliances: None
Precautions: Please refer to appropriate safety data sheet (SDS) prior to using this product.  FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY

Product Technical Specification: 

Typical Properties :

Form         Viscous Liquid
Appearance Clear Pale yellow, mobile liquid;
Odour Ammonical
Viscosity @ 20°C 400 - 800 cp
Flash Point >94°C
Boiling Point >100°C
Freezing Point -12°C
pH 3.5 - 4.10
Relative density 1.14 - 1.20
Water solubility Soluble
Product alias: 
<p> TruBreak 737, Applied Polyfloc A2366</p>