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Generic Name: 
Carbon Cleaning and Dissolving solvent
Very effective to clean lube oil filter and also helps to clean and breaks quickly combustion products from fuel heater, oil bath, highly soiled components. blocks, gear boxes, pistons, rings, valves, atomizers, pipes, burners, coolers, cylinder etc.
Product Description: 

Specifically formulated for removal of completely carbon buildup, grease, oil, varnishes and other heavy deposits from diesel engine. Its unique combination effectively remove carbon deposits, varnish, gummy matter, baked / burnt on grease deposits and all persistent with high solvency and penetrating capabilities to remove carbonaceous residue formed by fuel engine part. RXSOL-16-1003-025 is a highly concentrated Wetting Emulsifying Agent which makes this product water soluble.

Main feature is Quickly dissolves deposits containing carbon, resins or varnishes; Eliminates need for hard scraping; Non flammable

This powerful action is based on a two –Layer mechanism. The top-layer prevents the evaporation of the volatile components in the button-layer. The button –layer removes the deposited substances. This way, the deposits are bind and trapped resulting to complete and safe removal.

CARBON cleaner is very active which eliminates the need for Scrubbing or Brushing  which can cause mechanical damages to discs and result in poor performance ( This product is WATER SOLUBLE )

Our Other Valuable grade of CARBON REMOVER :::

A)Decarbonizer Predator Carbon Cleaner Part No. - RXSOL-16-1699-025 ::: Fast Effective Liquid degreaser and decarbonizer, Its immediate action of solvent makes it very popular and easy to use. Plesant Smell based and its specialization is water-rinseable gives complete cleaning effect. ( This product is WATER INSOLUBLE )  

B) Carbon Remover LT Part No.- RXSOL-16-1075-025 ::: is a non-corrosive, powerful solvent for removal of carbonaceous deposits. Carbon Remover LT contains no chlorinated solvents or phenolic compounds and has low toxicity to the environment and to persons handling it.  ::: ( This product is WATER INSOLUBLE )

Product Application: 

For removal of carbon deposits it must be used concentrated ,contained in a steel immersion bath.

SAFETY AND HANDLING:- Completely  Avoid contact with eyes as irritation may occur. Do not take internally. In case of contact with eyes, flush eyes immediately and cupiously with clean running  water for 15- minutes and seek medical attention.

carbon remover can dilute with water to makes it economical

carbon remover msds available on request

Its formulation makes it to use as a hard carbon remover

Also very effective to use as a baked carbon remover

carbon deposit remover is very effective to clean diesel engine parts, without scrubbing and harrashing original surface. due to its uniqunness kept this materials in best carbon removal agent


carbon deposit cleaner loosen hard deposit by emulsifying and pentrating formula. 

carbon remover solvent is water missicible in nature.

Product Procedure: 

Depending upon the deposition either concentrated or diluted .If used diluted use 1 part concentrate to 2-10 parts of water to yield a very effective end product. The components and machine parts are then dipped into the solvent / solution for 30 min. to 1 hr. Heavy deposition may need 12-24 hours , parts must be taken out from the bath and washed thoroughly with a high- pressure water supply jet system.

concentrated RXSOL-16-1003-025 is most effective product in its category due to its quick and complete action.  can be applied for cleaning of highly soiled components. blocks, gear boxes, pistons, rings, valves, atomizers, pipes, burners, coolers, cylinder heads, injectors, tubes, oil filters , old paint and lacquers ) 


Product Note: 

Non- evaporation prevents loss of chemical. Highly concentrate carbon cleaning product manufacturer and supplier for Marine Shippinga and heavy Industries. We are one of popular supplier of Carbon Remover in Visakhapatnam - vizag, Gnagavaram, Chennai, Mumbai, GOA, Manglore, Goa, Kandla, Mundra, Sikka, Kolkata, Haldia, Pirpav, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah.


  • Unique chemical formulation with corroision inhibitor
  • Non- toxic
  • Extends time between cleans.
  • Effective removal of STICKER/CARBON DEPOSITS , completely heavy carbon, grease oil, varnish and other deposits as well as old paints, resins and lacquer coatings
  • Can be applied by all normal methods.
  • Formulated to be very cost effective.
  • Does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons.
  • Can be used on all metals & most painted surfaces.
  • 100% Active.
  • Dries Completely.
  • Does not require special feeding equipment for safe application.
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs.
Product Technical Specification: 

It contains Sodium Tolyltriazole ( CAS No- 64665-57-2 ) which is mainly used as antirust and corrosion inhibitor for metals (such as silver, copper, zinc, lead, nickel, etc..), and for antirust oil (tallow) products, the gas phase corrosion inhibitor of copper and copper alloy, lubricant additive, cycle water treating compound and auto antifreeze. It also can be used with manifold sterilization algaecide and has a very fine corrosion mitigation effect on close cycle cooling water system.

Product pack size: 
Carbon Cleaner solvent acts as a powerful Carbon Dissolver. We are keeping ready stock of carbon remover in 25, 50 Ltr packing.
Product alias: 
<p> Carbon Cleaner, CAR HEAVY Emulsion SNC 2000, Careclean Carbon Carbon Solvent, Eazy Safe CR, Tip Cleaner, SEA SHIELD CARBON CLEAN 79106, Carbon Dissolver, Carbon Remover 25 Ltr</p>

We are the major supplier of carbon remover at Tuticorin Port Trust - V.O.Chidambaranar Port, Kattupalli Shipyard Chennai, Kamarajar Port Limited Ennore, Chennai Port Madras Port Tamilnadu and all Tamil Nadu Industrial Area


Ship Chandler and Industrial chemicals supplier.


CARBON REMOVER is heavy duty liquid cleaner product formula specifically made to attack, penetrate and efficiently remove completely carbon, grease, oil, varnishes and other heavy deposits from diesel engine blocks, gear boxes, pistons, rings, valves, atomizers, pipes, burners, coolers etc. Carbon cleaner suitable For removal of carbon deposits from heat exchangers ,burner tips,fuel injectors any components fouled by carbon . It is Non- corrosive , Acts quickly and thoroughly. It is cost effective and easy to apply.

Carbon remover most commonly known as Carbon Cleaner, solvent based Emulsion making cleaner, Carbon Solvent, Carbon Dissolver and many more.


Carbon Cleaner is very effective to clean lube oil filter where carbon deposition is heavy and greasy. Simply dip Lube oil Filter in carbon remover solution and leave it, All mess including carbon will get dissolved in to the solution.  

Uses of Carbon Remover directly without mixing with water helps to clean and breaks quickly combustion products from fuel heater, oil bath, filter etc. 

Concentrated RXSOL-16-1003-025 is most effective product in its category due to its quick and complete action.  can be applied for cleaning of highly soiled components. blocks, gear boxes, pistons, rings, valves, atomizers, pipes, burners, coolers, cylinder etc.

How to Clean and maintain Oil Side of Heat Exchangers?

Very Simple to clean and maintain Oil Side of Heat Exchanger, 1st step is remove all excess oil from Heat Excahanger, Then make arrangement to re-circulate the cleaning solution through heat exchanger. 

USE RXSOL Carbon Remover Cleaner in circulatory drum, which is connected for circulation. For complete dissolving of Oily carbonecious deposits from Heat Exchanger continue circulation 10-12 Hrs, Then after full cleaning operation and removal of deposits drain out the solution and use high pressure water pressure and continiue till clear water come out. Then Finally DRY out the Heat Exchanger.
NOTE : To enhance the cleaning or reducing circualtion time (down time ) Solution can be heated upto 30-40 °C throughout the cleaning operation

Keep contianer tightly closed, And away from children.

NOTE :::

we are Carbon Cleaner manufacturers and no-1 holding position as Carbon Cleaner suppliers in gandhidham, surat, mundra, sikka, mumbai, jnpt, manglore, kakinada, visakhapatnam, vizag, ennore, chennai, goa, fujairah, dubai, sharjah, middle east. RXSOL brand name is kept under reputed Carbon Cleaner producers and Carbon Cleaner exporters.

Carbon Clean supplier in India and keeping ready stock at Mumbai, JNPT - Nhava Seva, surat, Deen Dayal Upadhyay - Kandla - Gandhidham, Mundra, Sikka - Jamnagar - Vadinar, Navlakhi, Chennai - Ennore, Visakhapatnam - Gangavaram, Kolkata - Buz Buz - Haldia, Paradip

Carbon Cleaner supplier in Middle East - Oman - Egypt - Syria. and keeping ready stock at Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, AbuDhabi, Muscat.

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Kattupalli Port ( L & T Shipbuilding Limited shipyard ), Ennore Port ( Coromondel International Limited Port Area ), Chennai Port, Mugaiyur port, Thiruchopuram port, Silambimangalam Shipyard, Parangipettai port, PY-03 Oil Field, Kaveri port, Vanagiri port, Thirukkadaiyur port, Thirukkuvalai port, Punnakkayal port, Udangudi port, Manappad port, Koodankulam port, Chettinad Tharangambadi Port, Mathur SIDCO Industrial area, Sipcot Industrial Park Malayambakkam
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