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Redkleen RX 400 Radiator Flush Cleaner

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Generic Name: 
Radiaator Flush Cleaner
Redkleen RX 400 ( Radiator Flush & Clean) is a non-acidic radiator and cooling system cleaner that effectively cleans in one simple 20-minute operation
Product Description: 

Redkleen RX 400 ( Radiator Flush & Clean) is a non-acidic radiator and cooling system cleaner that effectively cleans in one simple 20-minute operation. Many similar products have to be left in the cooling system for several days, which creates the risk of the user either forgetting or extending the drain and flush time for reasons of convenience. The results can be detrimental and cause expensive, long-term damage to the cooling system and associated components.Redkleen RX 400 ( Radiator Flush & Clean) overcomes this potential risk as the whole cleaning process is completed in one simple operation.

Product Application: 

Use Redkleen RX 400 ( Radiator Flush & Clean) as a complete cooling system flush to remove insulating built-up sludge and residue before changing coolant in any cooling system. This procedure will ensure optimum heat transfer and efficiency of the entire cooling system. Whenever draining a cooling system or changing brands of coolant it is always recommended to clean the system with Redkleen RX 400.

Use Redkleen RX 400 before removing a radiator from a vehicle for reconditioning. Clean the entire system with Redkleen RX 400 so when the radiator is reinstalled, the core will not be contaminated with scale and residue from the rest of the system.

Product Procedure: 

Directions for use
Note: Exercise caution when removing radiator caps. Release pressure slowly to avoid scalding.

  • Turn on the heater and add required amount of RX 400 to a warm radiator.
  • Run the engine for 20 minutes minimum (no longer than 1 hour). Stop the engine and allow it to cool.
  • Drain the system by removing the bottom radiator hose or opening the drain cock. Thoroughly flush and rinse out all old coolant. Replace the hose or close the drain cock.
  • Add RXSOL 4001  corrosion inhibitor and clean, soft or demineralised water, or
  • Where specified, use anti-freeze/anti-boil coolant (such as RXSOL-4004 ultra Coolant).
  • Start the engine, check for leaks and top up as necessary.

Dose Rates

  • All cars and light commercials - add 500 ml
  • For trucks, tractors and large engines - add 500 ml for every 6 litres (quarts) of cooling system capacity.
Product Note: 

Future & Benefit  :

  • Cleans fast in 20 minutes
  • Reduces overheating
  • Safe to use with all coolant types
  • No pre-mixing
  • Neutralises harmful acids
  • Reduces mineral scale and sludge
  • Liquid easy to use and handle.

Packing  : 1, 4, 20 25 Ltrs, 210 Ltrs.

Storage and Handling  :

Keep container dry. In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment. If you feel unwell, seek medical attention and show the label when possible. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep away from incompatibles such as metals, acids.

Storage: Keep container tightly closed. Keep container in a cool, well-ventilated area.

Product Technical Specification: 

Physical Properties and Tecnical Specification

Appreance : Liquid
Colour : Clear, Brown
Odour : Odourless
pH : Alkaline
Flash point : Not flamable
Boiling Point   109 °C
Freezing point   NA
Solubility in Water   Soluble in any ratio
Product pack size: 
Redkleen RX 400 Radiator Flush & Cleaner is available in 1 Ltr, 4, 20 25 Ltrs, 210 Ltrs.
Product alias: 
<p> Nulon R 40, Reedkleen RX400 Radiator flush and clean</p>

Radiator Maintenance chemicals and Radiator Coolant Manufacturer and Supplier :

Radiator Coolant 20% Conc. ::: Part No.- RXSOL-40-4045-025
Suitable to add to the cooling water of internal combustion engines for excellent protection against cavitation and corrosion to all metals and alloys that are used in cooling systems.It is especially appropiate for the use in heavy-duty engines such as those used in trucks,  ships and lokomotives. 

Coolant Green RXSOL G 93-94 ::: inhibitor concentrate/chemical which is added to the cooling water of internal combustion engines in cases in which the coolant does not need to be protected from freezing. It efforts excellent protection against cavitation and corrosion to all metals Part No.- RXSOL-40-4021-025 

Coolant 25 Ltrs ::: Useful in preventing cavitation corrosion in high speed coolant pumps having aluminum housing and impellers. This could aid service life. Part No.- RXSOL-40-4004-025

Coolant Premix Redcool ::: premix coolant which reduces cavitation in areas such as the water pump and surface cavitation in hot spots of the cylinder head. The minimisation of cavitation erosion and pitting of heat rejecting aluminium surfaces (eg. behind exhaust ports)  Part No.- RXSOL-40-4043-025
Radiator Condensor Scale Controler::: 
Condensor Dispersant Scale Controler (For Radiators, DG - sets, Closed Cooling System) , Specially formulated for SCALE CONTROL . The stable oxide film that is formed by RXSOL-40-4007-020 prevents corrosion caused by electrolytic action between dissimilar metals used in the system. RXSOL-40-4007-020 has been field tested and found to have no detrimental effects on non metallic substances such as seals, glands, packing, hoses, gaskets etc., normally used in the systems. Part No. RXSOL-40-4007-020

Radiator Cleaner ::: This is specially formulated for use as radiator cleaner. Radiator cleaner removes the dirt, grease, scale, grime & solder from the engine cooling system. Radiator cleaner is a powerful cleaning agent not only for the automobile engine but can be used for the steam tube and boiler tube etc. Part No.- RXSOL-16-2697-025

Engine Water Treatment DEWT ::: Multi-functional corrosion inhibitor for protecting recirculating cooling and heating water systems. RXSOL LIQUID EWT treatment is an excellent treatment for diesel engine primary and secondary cooling water. It is also ideally suited for use in chilled water systems because it forms a clear, non-staining solution, which protects the system from corrosion and hard water scale.  Part No.- RXSOL-40-4010-025
Engine Parts Washing Solvent ( RXSOL - PWS ) :::  This product provides an economical and effective method for cleaning metal parts while being gentle on the hands.  Grease, oil, dirt, sludge, grime, ink, light carbon and similar soils are dissolved with minimal soaking and brushing.  Machine shops, garages, factories, industrial repair shops and automobile make-ready facilities will find this product to be an ideal compound for use in their recirculating parts washer units. Part No. RXSOL-10-1727-025

Carbon Remover ::: Concentrated RXSOL-16-1003-025 is most effective product in its category due to its quick and complete action. can be applied for cleaning of highly soiled components. blocks, gear boxes, pistons, rings, valves, atomizers, pipes, burners, coolers, cylinder etc.. Part No.- RXSOL-16-1003-025

Hand Cleaner Paste, Waterless ::: It is a milky white creamy gel containing natural ingredients, moisturisers, surfactants, and powerful dispersing agents. This is a batter substitute to petroleum products & caustic based detergetns which drain the body oil. ONLY 2 TO 5 grams SUFFICIENT tRXSOL-16-1001-001

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Other Grades of Radiator cleaner 

1) Acidic Radiator Cleaner: For Heavy scales and dirt (PH : 1.0 to 3.0)     ::: RXSOL-16-2697-025 ( Acidic )
2) Basic Radiator Cleaner (Conditioner): For Light scale and dirt (PH : 9.0 to 12.0)  ::: RXSOL-40-4051-025 ( Alkaline )
3) Special Type of Radiator Cleaner in powder form 

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