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Organophillic Clay

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Oil based drilling fluids requiring rheological modification

Product Description: 

Organophilic bentonite and hectorite, "bentones," are used in oil muds to build rheology for cuttings lifting and solids suspension. They also contribute to low-permeability filter cake. Organophilic attapulgite and sepiolite are used in oil muds strictly to build gel structure, which may not be long lasting due to shear degradation as the mud is pumped through the bit.

Product Application: 

It is an Organically modified bentonite clay used as drilling fluids viscosifier . It is recommended for using in oil drilling mud which based on diesel ,mineral oil,alpha olefins,vgetable oils. This is a self – activated Organically modified bentonite clay . Its imparts higher gel strengths to oil based fluids systems.This translates into muds and slurries having improved anti-settling and down hole sag resistance properties.

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  • Available in easy to handlebags.
  • Easily dispersed and free following .
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OilField Chemicals supplier ::: 
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