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Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner

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Kattupalli Port ( L & T Shipbuilding Limited shipyard ), Ennore Port ( Coromondel International Limited Port Area ), Chennai Port, Mugaiyur port, Thiruchopuram port, Silambimangalam Shipyard, Parangipettai port, PY-03 Oil Field, Kaveri port, Vanagiri port, Thirukkadaiyur port, Thirukkuvalai port, Punnakkayal port, Udangudi port, Manappad port, Koodankulam port, Chettinad Tharangambadi Port, Mathur SIDCO Industrial area, Sipcot Industrial Park Malayambakkam
Hold Solution-22
Generic Name: 
Rust Dissolver cleaning compound

Excellent pre treatment and binder for metal surfaces to be painted. Concentrated blend of RXSOL proprietory formulated various products, which is specifically designed for the rapid removal of rust, while providing phosphatized ferrous metal surface.

Product Description: 

Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner is advanced blend of non corrosive cleaner with additional base and inhibitor. Its powerful chemical rust removal action dissolves rust without any mechanical action. This is the reason why Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner used in removal of iron ore stain without reaction on paint, rubber, plastic and glass. Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner is frequently used in the mining and construction industry and also most commonly use to clean SHIP HOLD after disharging of IRON ORE.

Product Application: 

Test Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner on a small inconspicuous area before use.
Do not apply 
Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner undiluted.
A more concentrate dilution may be required where concrete has been cured for an extended period of time.
Do not leave 
Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner on any surface for extended periods of time.
To maintain product integrity, keep container sealed when not in use. 

Product Procedure: 

Use 10 to 20% of Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner with  fresh water and left to react for 5 - 40 minutes then the residues should be rinsed off thoroughly with clean water jet. Click for More details

This is very effective chemical  for Iron ore and rust removal action. Which  dissolves Iron Ore rust from all kinds of surface.

If hardness contaminations remain repeat the process. Also cleaning property can be increase at temperature of 75 to 80 ‘C
Product Note: 

Being Safe is being noticed. Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner easily dissolves iron ore and stain
RXSOL is pioneer to manufacture Rust Remover. RXSOL brand Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner is highly concentrated and full strength of material to remove Iron Ore and rust from metal surface. Our compnay name is popular as a Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner supplier in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Gandhidham, Mundra, Kandla, Sikka, Surat, Goa, Manglore, Vizag - Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Ennore, Haldia, Paradip, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Middle East, Gulf, Turkey, Istanbul, USA.

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Product Technical Specification: 

Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner Usage Directions

Directions for Use

In general  Dilute 1 part 
Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner with 4 parts water and spray  onto the surface being cleaned, And allow Iron Ore Red Dust for 20 to 40 Minutes to penetrate. 

And For Hard Deposits Vigorously agitate the on the surface being cleaned with a stiff bristled brush or broom. And allow Iron Ore Red Dust for 20 to 40 Minutes to penetrate. Again, vigorously agitate the surface. The iron ore will begin to break up and be released from the substrate.

Stubborn areas may need to be again saturated and left for a further 10 minutes before vigorously agitating.

Rinse the surface with a high pressure washer or hose until all dissolved concrete and 
Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner has been removed from the surface being cleaned.

Product pack size: 
Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner available in various size and packing. We are keeping ready stock of rust remover in 25, 50, 210 LTR packing.
Product alias: 
<p> Iron Ore Cleaning Detergent, Iron Ore Cleaner, Iron Ore Removing agent</p>

Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner is chemically iron ore and rust dissolving products which dissolve rust fast and removes tough rust and finally keep surface back to bare metal. Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner completely also reacts with oxidized iron layers and looses to removes from surface.

Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner is classified marine chemical detergent. We are one of popular and largest in ASIA marine chemicals manufacturer and supplier.

Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner is specially formulated and developed to clean SHIP HOLD containing IRON ORE. We are keeping ready stock of Marine Chemicals and most popular marine chemicals supplier in Mumbai, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip, Fujairah, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Muscat Barka, Sohar

This is very effective and well balanced products to remove rust from all kinds of surface. 

 *    Removes Iron Ore and rust stains without risk to paintwork.
 *    Safe on most common metals for Iron Ore deposits cleaning and Rust Removal.


Safety and Environment Safety Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner is classified as a skin irritant in its concentrate form and is classified as nonhazardous for transport according to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code. This “non-DG” classification also means less regulated storage of Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner  containers on construction sites and industrial warehouses. Whilst Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner displays a very low hazard profile for the user in terms of its effect on skin, eyes and respiratory system it is recommended to always wear protective gear including but not limited to chemical proof coveralls, goggles, gloves and rubber boots to minimize exposure to concrete residues and prolonged contact with Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner

Biodegradation and Aquatic Safety Iron Ore Red Dust Cleaner is readily biodegradable, phosphate free and does not contribute to the eutrophication of waterways. 

Waste Water Systems Red Dirt Buster has very low COD and BOD levels making it an excellent choice for use where wastewater processing systems are used. It is, however, recommended that pH readings be taken to ensure that wastewater pH readings comply with board recommendations