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Antifoam Defoamer AF10

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Evaporator Treat-51
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Highly effective liquid antifoam formulated for controlling foaming and priming in seawater distillation plants compatible with most antiscalants

Product Description: 

New Generation with advanced formulation Antifoam Defoamer AF10 is a highly effective liquid product formulated to control foaming and priming in seawater distillation plants. Antifoam Defoamer  AF10 has proven effectiveness during many years use in distillation plants throughout the world.

Product Application: 

The foaming tendency of seawater in distillation plants is unpredictable. It is generally thought that foam is formed when organic compounds are concentrated in the brine, giving rise to surface active effects which increase the liquid film strength at phase interfaces. Antifoam Defoamer AF10 is not soluble in water. At use concentrations (0.05 - 0.1 mg/l) Antifoam Defoamer AF10 forms a micro-emulsion and during evaporation is incorporated into the surface liquid film of bubbles where it acts as a surfactant and reduces the film strength. The result is that the film readily ruptures and a stable foam does not form. In this way a uniform boiling or flashing action is achieved and carry-over is minimised.

Product Procedure: 
Antifoam Defoamer AF10 can be used to control foaming in all types of seawater distillation plant and is particularly suitable for use in multi-stage flash plants. Antifoam Defoamer AF10 is a formulated product containing ethylene oxide / propylene oxide block copolymer. As such it is not soluble in water but readily forms a stable emulsion at concentrations up to 1% w/w in distillate. Antifoam Defoamer AF10 is typically dosed as a 1% w/w emulsion in distillate prepared as follows:
  • Add 50% - 70% of required distillate volume into dosing tank;
  • Start the dosing tank agitator/mixer;
  • Add the required Antifoam Defoamer AF10 volume into the dosing tank;
  • Add the remaining volume of distillate to give the required concentration of Antifoam Defoamer AF10 solution;
  • Continue agitation for a further 10 - 15 minutes;
  • The resulting emulsion will be stable and will not normally separate

The dose level required will depend on the quality of the seawater feed (e.g. dissolved organics, suspended solids) but is typically found to be in the range 0.05 to 0.1 mg/l and is subject to optimisation as operating experience is gained. Dose level is not dependent on operating temperature of the distillation plant. Recommended injection points are either into the seawater make-up line after any external de-aeration and decarbonation equipment, or into the recycle brine stream at a suitable point after the blowdown and typically into the discharge of the recycle brine pump.

General-purpose antifoams have a wide range of applicability, but not all of them are suitable for use in the treatment. Some foam control agents can aggravate the problem. Foam control in gas scrubbers is only one of the process parameters to be monitored. It is equally important to prevent or slow the fouling of the unit, because dismantling of the gas-scrubbing units is manually intensive. Incorrectly specified antifoams can easily lead to increased fouling and clogging, particularly in the heat exchangers. Momentive Performance Materials RXSOL antifoams are designed to provide foam control with a minimum of such problems.

Product Note: 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Quick foam knockdown - particularly useful when foam suddenly builds up in the absorber and rapid control is needed.
  • Excellent stability at high temperatures - because of their excellent dispersibility. Antifoam Defoamer AF10 do not show a propensity to deposit on heat exchangers as many other antifoams tend to. Instead, they remain finely dispersed in the amine or glycol solution and are eventually filtered out.
  • Easy dilution and use - simple addition of water and minimum agitation is sufficient to dilute RXSOL-51-2066-220 antifoam emulsion to required concentrations. Pumping of the diluted emulsions is easy, due to their low viscosity.
  • Reduced clogging or scaling in the heat exchangers - potentially resulting in less service maintenance.
  • Low concentrations can provide effective foam control - RXSOL-51-2066-220 Antifoam Defoamer AF10 emulsion and often two to three times more effective than other antifoams used in treating units.

Product Safety, Handling and Storage

Customers should review the latest Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and label for product safety information, safe handling instructions, personal protective equipment if necessary, and any special storage conditions required for safety. MSDS are available at or, upon request, from any RX MARINE INTERNATIONAL representative. For product storage and handling procedures to maintain the product quality within our stated specifications, please review Certificates of Analysis, which are available in the Order Center.

Product Technical Specification: 


Appearance Clear to Pale Yellow Liquid

Water content
4-5% w/w
Aqueous Emulsion Ready dispersible white milky emulsion
Specific Gravity at 25°/25°C 1
Odour Slight
Specific Gravity <1
Saponifaction Value 11-15 mg KOH/g
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Newly developed antifoam for seawater distillation plants.
Product alias: 
<p> BELITE AF10 AntiFoam for SeaWater Distillation, Hydrex 9223 Antifoam For Desalination Unit 210 Ltr</p>
RXSOL-33-3325-230 is a ANTISCALANT & ANTIFOLUANT FOR MULTISTAGE FLASH DISTILLATION PLANTS : Premium product, a neutralized antiscalant/antifoulant for use in MSF units operating at high temperature.
RXSOL-16-2066-200 is a ANTIFOAM SEA WATER DISTILLATION : Highly effective antifoam for seawater distillation plants.








Low dose levels, typically in the range 0.05 to 0.1 mg/l in the seawater feed stream, depending on feed water quality. Activity is not dependent on temperature. No need to alter dose level if top brine temperature (TBT) changes. Negligible steam volatility and carry over into the distillate.

RXSOL-51-2066-220 is antifoam emulsion and its more concentrated antifoam emulsion. It has excellent candidates for controlling foam in amine and glycol dehydration units. This is suitable products for gas plants and have excellent stability in the presence of salts, resulting in reduced deposits on the plant’s equipment. RXSOL-51-2066-220  help preserves foam control under the severe conditions of a dehydrating unit. These conditions can remove water from other antifoam emulsions, rendering them immediately inactive.

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