Calcium Hypochlorite Granuels Manufacturer and Supplier in Tuticorin Port,Chennai Port,Kaaupalli Port Sriperumpudur,Vellore,Bergur,Kanchipuram,Tiruvannamalai,Krishnagiri,Tuticorin,Kudankulam etc.

Ennore Chemical International is a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of. Calcium Hypochlorite Tamil Nadu
which has three major ports at Tuticorin, Chennai, Ennore and fifteen minor ports at Cuddalore,
Rameswaram, Kattupalli, Thiruchopuram, Manappad , Kudankulam etc.

RXSOL Calcium Hypochlorite is a widely used chlorine compound that is highly effective against bacteria, algae, slime, fungi and other harmful and objectionable micro-organisms. Since calcium hypochlorite as a solution is a very efficient killer of virtually all bacteria, algae and other objectionable micro-organisms, it is used as a standard for comparison testing of other sanitizing chemicals. While calcium hypochlorite is used primarily to chlorinate swimming pool, spa and hot tub water, and to treat water supplies and sewage, it is also frequently used as a bleaching agent and sanitizer in industrial applications.

We commit you the best quality, huge quantity and fast delivery time. Please find link  to get more
details like MSDS, Technical specification of Unipol-RX . If you are interested in our products,
please do not hesitate to drop me an email:  We would like
to assist you immediately. We have ready stock of Unipol-RX available in package size 5,10,25, 50,
200 liters On location in Tuticorin Port, Chennai Port, Ennore Port, Kattupalli Port  in India.

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